The word resolution comes from the root word “resolute” which means “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.” Most of us start out purposeful and determined, but the unwavering part comes in the doing and it is the unwavering part that leads to surrendering the resolution altogether. It is in fact our wavering that that leads to quitting. Read More

The Things We Have Made

Most people who profess a Christian belief system would not claim to worship idols. Some Christians may recognize they “have” idols, but the possession of an idol is just as wrong because it is the first step that leads to worship of that idol. When the Israelites conquered a city God always commanded them to destroy all of the idols in the land. When they didn’t the next command was to turn from the idols they were worshiping. Do you see the pattern? The first step of obedience is to destroy them, when we don’t we are then instructed to turn from them. Read More