Spiritual Discipline: Bible Reading

Dried Up Fruit

What happens if you’re connected to the Vine, bearing tons of fruit and then life happens and your branch gets separated from the Vine? What happens to all that beautiful, luscious fruit? When I am not connected to the Vine all of the fruit He’s been growing through me dries up. Yep. My grapes turn to raisins. Read More

Healthy Choices

When we don’t consume the Word of God, we are spiritually starving. It is good to fast from the physical, but it is never good to fast from the spiritual. Any healthy diet ensures that nutrition is part of your eating plan. In the same way, we can not remove the nutritional aspects from a spiritual diet; we must continue to consume every word that comes from the mouth of God. This is our prayer time, the time we spend reading and studying Scripture, and the time we set aside to be in community with others who are on the same diet and can offer us healthy spiritual nourishment. These are the “good” foods of our spiritual sustenance.

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Fighting for Hope

The word “hope,” often thrown about like confetti in our society, has a much deeper impact for those who have chosen to follow Christ. We hear statements all the time like “I hope you get the job,” and “I hope everything works out.” This type of hope is limited and meaningless, wishful thinking, really. What impact does hoping someone gets what they want really have on the outcome of their situation?

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