Author Coaching

Writing alone is hard.
Together we grow.

When you get stuck there are plenty of online resources that tell you what to do, but knowing how to do it is another matter!

When you’re overwhelmed, intimidated, and struggling generalized steps don’t help you figure out what YOU should do next.

Learn the What AND the How 
Modules not only cover WHAT to do, but HOW to do it specifically for YOUR project.

Modules are priced for those ready to invest in their writing.

Modules are only four weeks long and offer evening and weekend options.

97% of writers never finish their book.

20% who finish actually publish.

We can do this together.

Each stand-alone module helps you identify the challenges stunting your progress, strategically determine your next steps, and develop customized strategies that get you unstuck. Face head-on the obstacles that hold you back and get help determining what will move you forward.

Weekly Virtual Group Lessons provide not only instructions, but options so you can find a fit that works for you!

Weekly Virtual Group Coaching allows us to celebrate wins, provide personalized feedback, and create battle plans for obstacles that would normally stall your progress.

Personalized Project Review for each participant.
This one-on-one review is customized for YOUR project
submit an outline or writing sample or collaborate on your publishing plans.

Learning to self-edit line by line is building my confidence. Your guidance is truly teaching me…and it’s motivating!

Jodi Aiken, Coaching Client

Weekly Virtual Lessons present options, so you can find an outlining process that works for you.

Weekly Virtual Coaching provides a place to receive feedback from others regarding your outline and content map.

Personalized Action Plan for your project outline that will help you fine-tune the process YOUR writing, so you can use it on future projects.

Weekly Virtual Lessons teach a unique and effective approach to self-editing.

Weekly Virtual Coaching is a time to collaborate and share wins and challenges.

Personalized Action Plan for a sample chapter that will help you know specifically what to look for in YOUR writing.

Weekly Virtual Lessons from an unbiased source cover the various types of publishing options and the pros and cons for each.

Weekly Virtual Coaching allows for questions and discussion among peers to help find what option is the best fit for you.

Personalized Action Plan (following a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call) to help guide you on YOUR publishing path.

Modules Are Beginning Soon!