The Beauty of Sin

I know an electrician who recently had a life-altering experience and as I prayed for him, the similarities to his journey and our faith walk became clear to me. A few weeks ago he was at a job that required him to go into the ductwork. A beautiful blue light caught his attention because it was something he had never seen before. He knew it killed bacteria found in the ductwork and as he studied the light, seeking to learn more about it, he saw in small print: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT LIGHT. So he promptly turned away and went back to the task at hand. A short time later he completed his assignment and went on to the next job. Read More

Under Pressure

If you fail, you aren’t a failure. A lot of people don’t realize that. Our choices don’t define us and neither do our outcomes. When we are under pressure it does reveal our true character. Because pride keeps us blinded to our own shortcomings God allows pressure in our lives to create moments of clarity when our eyes are open to the reality of our hearts. Testing exposes our weakness. What un-Christlike attributes boil over when the heat is turned up? That’s where you still need to grow. Read More

The Problem with Faith

We have a faith problem in the American church. We don’t want to own it, or maybe we don’t realize it, but we do. Here is what I mean: we believe that God can, but we aren’t as quick to believe He will. It doesn’t necessarily start that way, but it is more often than we want to admit where we end up. Read More

Insta-pot Faith

I’m not really an Insta-potter, but my husband is, and my best friend is. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with eating instant meals like these, but if it’s up to me, I like food that’s been properly prepared, not rushed. I love a slow cooked steak or a twice-baked potato. I will admit that the instant cooking movement has been pretty amazing — easy, fast, cheap. We live in a world of quick and convenient, a world that operates on our timeline, and most of the time it’s pretty great. But when that philosophy carries over into our spiritual lives, not so much.
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