What Not to Wear

“Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.”

Ephesians 6:11, NLT

Whether you’re the person who is always immaculately dressed or the one who grabs something from the nearest pile on the floor in the morning, as long as you are putting on your spiritual armor, it doesn’t matter, right?

Wrong. It occurred to me that many of us our putting our armor on every day… it’s a habit oftentimes, but how regularly do you inspect it first? Sometimes our armor isn’t fit to wear. If you are wearing it, but not maintaining it, you may have rust forming. This will weaken the metal and not provide you the protection needed when your battle comes. Sometimes, we outgrow our armor. If you’re growing spiritually in your walk with God, you may need to exchange a piece or two for a bigger size. Or, as in my case, when you’ve been in battle, especially a hard one, there is damage.

Battle-damaged armor is tricky. You can’t stop to repair it while the battle is raging around you and when the victory is finally yours, you’re so weary you may not even notice the holes, chinks and gashes. There’s hope though; it’s called the body of Christ.  We are not lone soldiers when we fight. God has provided us with other believers to stand with us.

In ancient times, being left-handed was at best a weakness. Especially in the right-hand dominant military. This birth defect (my how times have changed) left your right side completely exposed. However, if you had a fellow warrior who would stand with you, you had protection for your weak side.

Just recently, at a women’s retreat, I discovered the hole in my helmet. The damage had happened during a fierce three-year battle and I was so relieved when the fight ended, well, I just didn’t notice it. It was a bit of a blind-side when the enemy started attacking that weakness and I felt vulnerable and helpless. I didn’t want to remove my helmet further exposing myself to attack. I used my sword, I prayed, and out of nowhere two fellow princess warriors were beside me, protecting my weak side while God repaired my helmet.

I’ve heard many Christians claim, they don’t need church, or fellow believers. So let me ask you this: who covers your weak side?

Published by Michaela L. Carson

A writer that is aspiring to be published, that would be me. ;o)

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