My Light

He often appeared as a bright light, but he was not the Light.
He spent a lifetime loving Me so well that My Light radiated from every pore.
He was not the Light, but he is a beautiful reflection of My love.
In him I am well-pleased.

You do not need to fear his light burning out, because it was not his light.

I have used him to place My Light in you as well.
For some, he has lit the candle;
for others, he has fanned the flame.
He has spread My Light to more people than this world could know.

So, My Light in him will not die, because it has multiplied.

His legacy is each flame;
your legacy is how you nurture it.
Guard the flame I have placed in you
and I will do the same with your life that I have done with his.

You will be a reflection of My Light; one that multiplies.

Published by Michaela L. Carson

A writer that is aspiring to be published, that would be me. ;o)

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